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Features of Dialer Dialer

Cloud Functionality

Saves on capital expenditure. Helps you to increase productivity and grow your operation.

Predictive Dialer

Integrates easily into your business process, improves efficiencies and cuts down on costs.

Disaster Recovery

Keeps business downtime to a minimum and builds in contingency.

Reach New Heights

Our aim is to develop a long term relationship with you and provide you with the expertise you need to make your call center operate to its optimum level. Through our bespoke service we can develop a hosted autodialer solution that can help you:

  • Increase sales
  • Grow your profits
  • Reduce overheads
  • Integrate your existing hardware & software applications

Features to grow your business

Multiple UI languages, Operates in any country around the world, just add a VoIP carrier to deliver your calls.
Set your company’s caller ID to deliver to your contacts so they can phone you back, rotate round a range of caller ID, or randomise the caller ID.
Add your logo coupled with our template design service to closely match your corporate image.
Contact’s time zone identified from the telephone number and called according to their local time.

Extend the value of your data for sales, customer service or help desk support

Call Center Technology is leading telecommunications business whose focus is the supply of a full range of emerging Internet Protocol (IP) based products and services to businesses.

Grow Your Profits

Dialer Dialer has been providing industry leading hosted dialer solutions since 2015. In this time we have developed a fully integrated and simple to use call center solution that has put us at the forefront of predictive dialing technology.

Our mission is simple: to create the ideal hosted dialing solution for your business and offer you the most flexible and easy to use call center solutions available in the market today. With a team of industry experts with over 15 years’ experience in the call center sector our strengths lie in our people. This makes us uniquely placed to give you the very best advice about hosted dialling and call center solutions for your business.

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Increase Productivity

Do you feel like there is just too much downtime for your agents? Do you wish they could make more calls each day without having to work more hours? If so, then our call centre solution is the perfect fit for your business. Your agents will be connecting with more people, making sales and getting results.

Award Winning

We’re an award winning business that knows what it takes to develop hosted dialling solutions that will help grow your business. Our groundbreaking technology, exceptional customer service and award winning technical support are what will give you a leading edge in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Quality and Performance

Contact centre management teams work to monitor, regulate and improve performance every single minute your operation is running. The management you choose can in many cases have virtually full control over your phone dialler program, how it is run, and key areas where it can be optimized.

SIP & Voip

SIP is a feature which allows users within your business organisation to make thousands or even millions of calls all over the world. The feature is a huge benefit to businesses that are looking to grow through an improved and more efficient service. If your business is moving premises you need not worry either, with SIP you can keep your local presence.

Predictive Dialer Benefits

Our predictive dialer uses statistical algorithms to reduce the waiting time of agents between phone calls. To do this, the dialer uses data such as the number of call center agents, average number of phone conversations per agent, the contact center’s call history, customer preferences, and the contact centers call priorities. The hosted dialler also ensures that there are always agents available when a client or a customer answers or connects to a call.

Happy Customers

Called in for support, not knowing too much about the exact solutions my business needed. I got a call back from Mohammed, who was just world class. We have a tailor made solution that is going to really help my business, and I couldn't be more happy.
Kyle James
Excellent software, very efficient and very cost effective. We have increased agent time by three times already and we have only been using it a few days.
Harvey Knight
Dialer Dialer, works perfect with marketing automation suites. Flexibility and very precise reporting, so every single stage can be monitored.
Zoe Read

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