It is not easy to run a successful call center operation. It is a complex process and the call center managers have to consider several factors. For example, it is crucial for a call center manager to efficiently plan an agent’s work schedule, if the manager seeks to improve the overall performance of a call-center. It is equally essential for the managers to create practical customer-service goals that are specific, attainable, measurable and relevant. To ensure success, the managers need to align these goals with the overall business goals. Hence, a call center manager must take several factors into account to efficiently manage tasks and the following tips may drive the managers towards success.

Tips for Successfully Running a Call Center


1. Having Extensive Knowledge

It is essential for managers to understand the details of the processes in a call center. For example, the process of reviewing agents’ performance or the process of quality assurance needs continuous monitoring and supervision. Therefore, it is crucial for managers to understand the process details. With deep knowledge, a manager can take innovative measures to improve the agents’ performance.

2. Correct Assignment of Agents

To run a successful call-center, it is essential for the managers to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each agent. With this understanding, a manager can assign the right agents for a particular task, as the success of any call center largely depends on this decision.

3. Staying Updated

The way most customers access customer-support service is changing over the years due to the change in communication technology. Hence, it is essential for a manager to remain up to date about the changes in the call center industry. It is equally essential for a manager to understand the need of data analytics. With ample knowledge on the implementation of the latest tools or business applications, a manager can make judicious decisions and remain at the top of the industry.

4. Adequate Training

Hiring the right candidates is not enough to run a successful call center. It is essential to provide sufficient training to these candidates, as it is crucial for each candidate to have a deep understanding of a client’s business and call center’s operations. A trainer may explain the following points at the time of training.

  • The role of each agent in achieving a client’s goals after providing the details of a company’s vision, mission, and main values.
  • The importance of adhering to the schedule.
  • The impact of quality service on the retention, conversion, and loyalty of the customers.

The success of any call center depends on the performance of these agents. Hence, it is essential to invest in the training of the call center agents to build a strong team.

Tips from Successful Call Center Professionals

The following tips from the leaders of the call center industry may help the managers make judicious decisions.

1. Foster Engagement for Better Productivity

A majority of call center agents choose this profession as a transitional career. Therefore, it is hard for managers to stimulate their staff’s engagement to increase operational productivity. Professionals associated with this industry believe that managers may change this attitude by helping the call center agents realize how this current professional role may help them in excelling in their next profession. This realization may motivate an agent to offer his/her best performance on the job.

2. Efficient Management

Frontline managers are an important part of the ‘Customer Service’ team. It is not easy finding an agent who likes to help the customers, has a positive attitude towards life or takes responsibility for each call. A team of managers can inculcate these feelings with intense coaching. The call center managers can drive morale into the agents. Hence, the efficiency of the frontline managers is more important in determining the success of a call center than advanced technology.

3. Grooming Trainers

Experienced training managers believe that it is equally important to groom the call center trainers. They can learn how to efficiently coach and motivate the agents in the future to ensure better performance despite experiencing unavoidable stressors in the work environment. Training managers may groom interested team leaders or senior agents.

4. Update Employees with Latest Information

Experienced call center professionals believe that employees who communicate with customers on behalf of an organization work as a human conduit. Therefore, it is essential to feed updated information into this conduit if a business wants to deliver valued service to its customers. The chance of having customers who hold a business in high regards increases with the delivery of valued service.

5. Active Listening

Experienced call center professionals also believe that it is important for the agents to practice active listening. It is essential for a call center agent to ask questions in order to determine the type or extent of a customer’s problems. This effort may even satisfy a customer if he/she feels that a representative is invested into the problem and is eager to resolve the issue. Therefore, active listening becomes an important factor in ensuring the success of any contact center.

6. Success Determining Factors

Industry leaders believe that a variety of factors determine the success of any call center’s operations.

  • The first step towards success is determined by the selection of candidates who are eligible for this profession.
  • Training session prepares the candidates for their professional roles.
  • Quality analysis, intermittent coaching and constant supervision of call center managers increase the efficiency of the agents and ensure the success of a call center. It also enhances the engagement of the call center agents into their tasks.
  • To ensure efficient performance, it is essential to clearly define the objectives to the agents.
  • The use of omnichannel technology and expert frontline management are equally essential for the success of a call center.


The success of any call center depends on a variety of factors. It is co-dependent on the efficiency of the call center trainers, managers, and agents. The aforementioned tips and the suggestions from the experts of this industry may help a manager successfully run a call center. On the other hand, the call center agents may use these experts’ tips to hone their skills.