Successful companies understand the vital role call centers play. Not only are call centers essential for retaining customer, but they also can be a major source of sales. But most companies find that their call centers are not making the sale that is expected from them.

The good news is that this situation can be easily overcome. All that you need to do is optimize your call center working process and witness a significant increase in sales. To help you, below are some tips to optimize your call center for better sales.

Optimize Your System and Processes

On average, calls last somewhere between four to six minutes. This is the make or break period. Either the agent addresses the customer’s needs with a proper solution or loses the customer. So, before your call center starts exploring sales opportunities, you need to ensure that all calls should be managed efficiently and effectively.

For this to happen, you need to make sure that the customer engagement should be purposeful enough to maintain a high-level customer experience, right from IVR to the amount of time a caller has to wait on hold or in the call queue. For instance, an overcomplicated IVR system can frustrate the caller, and so would 10 minutes wait in the queue.


Whether you are selling a product or a service, your agents should have enough knowledge to answer questions about it. If the product has been updated or you have started offering add-ons with your services, the agents should be aware of it so that they could communicate the same to the customer and pitch it to the customers in a better way.

An agent that does not possess enough knowledge would end-up losing customers. A training where all the necessary information about the product or service is imparted to the agents can help overcome this unwanted situation.

Don’t Sound Robotic

A common problem with most agents is that they don’t sound natural over the phone. This might be due to insufficient knowledge about the product and the services or due to strict adherence to the given script. Speaking in a natural way indicates that you can easily handle the queries of the customer.

In many cases, agents take too much time to questions, and experienced customers are smart enough to understand that the agent will be unable to help them. This can lead to loss of sales and is the reason why agents should never sound robotic.

Routing Strategy

Call centers use different routing strategies to maximize lead generation, but if you really want to increase sales, you should adopt skill-based routing for your call center. Skill-based call routing can help reduce call transfer and significantly increase First Call Resolution (FCR).

For instance, if you receive a call for car insurance renewal, you can have the call routed to an agent that has experience in dealing with queries related insurance renewal instead of someone who has expertise in selling. This will surely help you maximize the chances of a sale.

Make Your Options Simple

Providing customers with too many options can make it difficult for them to rationalize and select one of the options. So, keep in mind that too much information is only going to harm, especially when you are deciding on options to offer to your customer.

For any products or services you offer, reduce the number of options that a customer can choose from. This will make it easier for the customer to arrive at a decision without feeling like as if they are missing out on anything.

Set your Product Apart

Making your product or service stand apart from its competitor is very important. This will make it easier for the customer to assess the product’s benefits. For the purpose of setting your product apart, your agents can utilize framing techniques.

If possible, keep at hand an ROI calculator that will help the agent quantify the benefits of the product to the customer. Remember to demonstrate the value of the product to the customers.

Create a Bond

Excellent communications skills play a vital role in the sale. Your agents need to create a rapport with the customer, before delving deeper into their needs. The agents can note down the problems the customer is facing and how your product’s attributes can help them.

As said before, don’t sound robotic. Try to bring human touch in your conversation. A good tip is to smile during the conversation, even though the customer can’t see you, but it will bring a sense of human touch, as said before.

Make the Customer Feel Appreciated

Making the customer feel appreciated is required if you want your agents to close the sale. For this, the agents can do basic things like expressing gratitude and adding “please in the conversation wherever it seems appropriate. This will ensure that the customer is appreciated.

You can even offer customers a discount on the purchase. The discount will make the customer feel great about getting a good deal. Just keep in mind that sale isn’t a one-time job. A sale is, in fact, a long-drawn process with trust and respect as its cornerstones.


Just follow the tips mentioned above, and you will definitely see a change in the sales figure from your call center. To further aid your agents in the sale process, you can use dialers integrated with CRM. This will reduce the agents’ idle time considerably and help them achieve better sales targets.